Offbeat first birthday on a budget

When did first birthday parties evolve into such massive, expensive, complicated, Pinterest affairs? If you’re searching for a first birthday theme that’s a little offbeat, won’t break the bank, or become a craft nightmare, you’ve come to the right blog.

Try sea monsters. They make the cutest horrors for adventurous little boys and girls.  It’s nice variation on the usual pirate and mermaid ocean themes. Run with it as far as you like, although I tend to think less is more with a themed party.  All it takes is a tiny bit of craftiness (or help from someone a tiny bit crafty) and determination.  Here’s nine ideas to get you on your way: Continue reading


5 ways to survive a kid birthday party

I have zero kids and I think that’s great. I have friends and family who suddenly have a lot more than zero kids and that’s great, too; until little Zaiden and Delilah’s birthdays roll around and I receive the dreaded obligation kid party invitation in the mail. The envelope is enough to send me into a cold sweat. I can’t bail on going (because friends and family) but the thought of a Saturday confined to a backyard -or worse, confined in an actual enclosed child amusement venue- full of wild hoards of poorly behaved, sugared-up kids, banal small talk with their parents, AND be expected to bring a gift, is a personal hell.

I’d like to share five ways for any adult (both parents and the children-free alike) to cope at the obligatory child birthday party. Stay tuned. This is a game changer. Continue reading