Graduation party: don’t buy- DIY!

You don’t need to buy the expensive, themed stuff to have a great grad party. These five ideas are the coolest DIY tips ever. Not only that, they are crazy easy, inexpensive and low stress ways to make a memorable event.

1. Confetti balloon bunting

1.Don’t buy a grad banner, DIY confetti balloon bunting
Hit up the dollar store for clear balloons and packages of lightweight confetti or glitter. Use a small funnel to pour the confetti into the balloons. Blow them up with a balloon pump or with lung power. Tie them in a row to colorful ribbon and hang them like a banner. You can even write on them. Finally, rub your hands over the balloon to create static and to get the confetti stick to the sides.

2. Diploma cookies

2.Don’t buy fancy grad cookies, DIY diploma cookies
So simple and inventive, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first. You don’t need to buy expensive, fancy graduation sugar cookies, just a tin of those awesome cookie straws (Pirouettes) and some red ribbon.

3. Chalkboard sign

3. Don’t buy a class of #### sign, DIY a chalkboard sign
Go to the thrift store and pick up a large picture frame. Slap some chalkboard paint on the glass and you have a versatile canvas to use for more than one event. Bonus points if you paint the frame.

4. Wrapping paper table runner

4. Don’t buy a grad table covering, DIY a wrapping paper table runner
This one couldn’t be simpler. Buy a roll of gift wrap in any color or pattern you like and unroll it on your table. Martha Stewart says it should hang 18 inches off the sides so it doesn’t look weird.

5. Mortar board decoration

5. Don’t buy grad-themed decorations, DIY paper mortar boards
For the cost of 12×12 scrapbook paper, colorful tissue paper and glue, your party can have unique decorations that don’t cost and arm and a leg. All you need is passable cutting and pasting skills. Easy.

Like what you see? Have other awesome ideas? Hit up the comments.


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