Offbeat guest books

Is there anything more boring than a guest book? People write in it, you go home, throw it in a junk drawer and never see it again. You need options. Here’s five offbeat alternatives suitable for any special event:

1. Wren House Paper Studio bouquets
This is a lovely alternative to the guest book (and my biased favorite). Guests write good wishes on card stock leaves and them attach to the flower stems with mess-free glue dots. After the event, these bouquets look pretty in vases on kitchen tables. They are extra charming for wedding showers and rehearsals.

2. Shadow boxes
This is a neat play on the guest book. Guests write their messages on any small object (wine corks, tiles, wood rounds, rocks, glass) and place them into a top loading shadow box. Since they’re wall mountable, these shadow boxes can be admired on your wall for years to come.

3. Jenga Game
Love games? This option might be the easiest and most fun. Guests write their well wishes on the blocks and stack them up to help build a tower of new memories one block at a time. This option is extra charming for baby showers and weddings.

4. Globe signings
Oh, the places you’ll go. This one is very clever. It’s great for graduations and requires nothing more than permanent markers and a globe. Bonus points if you paint the continents gold and the oceans with chalkboard paint.

5.  Paper garlands
Cut colorful paper into strips and have your guests write their messages on them. Attach links together with glue dots. A very sweet display option is to hang the chain in a nursery after a baby shower. Alternatively, after a winter wedding, incorporate the garland into holiday decorating by draping it on a tree or on a railing.

What’s your favorite? Have other ideas for offbeat guest book alternatives?  Share them in the comments.


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